If you are always in a quandary as to the best toys for adult men, you will know this is usually because you are spoilt for choice. So if you are looking for the top toys for adult men, here is today’s list of 8 must-have gadgets:

1. Warburtons Toastie Knife

The Warburtons Toastie Knife becomes hot up to 41.8 degrees Celsius, or 107.2 Fahrenheit which is basically good enough to spread butter. Powered by two AA batteries in the handle, it would surely melt the butter and spread it with ease. It is easily operated with a single push of a button. The function of a heating LED is indicated by a flashing light and after 30 seconds you could melt and spread the butter on your top of your bread. It is cool gadgets for men indeed.

2. DIY Self-Stirring Mug

DIY Self-stirring mug is a mug that stirs itself. This is indeed the most high-tech mug in the world. You could stir your mug sans the help or use of a spoon. The mug has an impeller which impels movement inside the mug. Moreover, it comes with a travel lid which prevents spill out This is designed to prevent injury by preventing spill out of hot water on your skin.

3. Ceramic Grenade Mug

Ceramic Grenade mug is a cool gadget for men with a highly innovative designed mug which looks like a grenade. The point in the design is to infuse some element of excitement and danger in an otherwise very pleasant way of drinking tea. The mug looks like a grenade with military logo. It’s dishwasher safe and makes a cup of tea look ominously challenging. The thought of pouring hot water on a grenade mug usually gives you the impression that it will definitely explode on impact. It’s cool to give away as a gift.

4. Shocking Liar Lie Detector

I guess this is a wonderful gift to your guy which may make him wary of telling you some lies. Shocking liar lie detector is very easy to use. You just have to put the hand of your guy on the strap of the lie detector. Then, you can ask some questions for which the lie detector would do some baseline reading. The lie detector would punish the liar with a nasty snap every time he tells a lie. The gadget has two levels of shocks, high and low. It is operated by 3x AA batteries.


5.Stamina Training Unit

If you are a man and have never heard about this device you should listen closely. Have you ever had problems with your stamina and would like to improve it, yet you have no idea how ? Well the solution is here and it does not even cost that much. Based on the patented superskin material this thing is safe and effective. Click here to find out more about the product. You can also find similair mens toys by visiting this site.

6. Wibit Sports Park 60+

Well, this is ideal if you are going on a vacation and you are in the mood to create your own park in the open water. This is a good gift for your guy as the head of the family empowering him to create your dream water park. The park takes around 3 hours to inflate using an electric pump. This is the ultimate water toy for your guy.

7. Nike Triax 50 Aluminum Digital Watch

These types of cool gadgets for men will perfectly match the physique of your athletic guy. This is an ideal gift to your man because every man needs two watches, one for his formal gatherings and one for his sporting events. Nike’s Triax 50 addresses the basic need of man for a sports watch.

8. Electric Shock Games

A man will always want to prove his marchioness and separate himself from the boys. There’s no better way for him to demonstrate this ‘hardness’ by putting it to test with an electric shock game. Now these are unusual toys with a buzz! Once received there is absolutely no doubt hell gather all his mates round for a good old zapping session and see who really is the toughest of them all!

9. USB Gadgets and Toys

You wouldn’t think a PC or MAC could lead you to the best unusual toys around, you best believe it because they can USB gadgets (aka USB toys) are the number one thingamabob’s to give to a man if he spends a lot of time on computers as they offer no end of amusing entertainment when they want time-out from tapping that boring old document. USB gadgets are available with many types of interactive activity such as the USB Boxer and USB Parrot, they are very easy to use, just plug them in and they are raring to go. These PC Toys are right there in the top three unusual gifts for men.